Wednesday, January 30, 2013

gift guide

Are you like me and love the smell of Play-Doh? I don't know. Reminds me of all things fun from my childhood.  I'm weird I guess. But not weird enough to wear it as a cologne. But then I read the description, "Meant for highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood." Ha! Sounds like me. O dear.
THEY have all kinds of interesting sniffs. From crayon to marshmallow to bacon to lobster. Yes, lobster. Ewe stinky smell! I love THIS site for random fun things for the fun human that has everything. Here's a fun Valentine's Day gift guide based on a few things that caught my eye in only a few minutes on the site. I could have spent a lot more time. Some of that just makes you smile.

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