Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend deets

The weather is amaze balls today! I even opt out of trouser socks and hose this morning. This feel good warm weather gets me excited about what spring will bring! Yeehaw!

My sweet parents spent the night with me on Friday. We went to dinner before getting up Saturday to shop all day. I scored a few great deals on skinnies for work but I was more excited about the products I got from Ulta. I have been hearing incredible reviews about the AG Color Care poo and cond'ner. The small bottle is $15 and the large bottle is regually $40 but was on sale for $15.99 so I snagged one of each. Heck of a deal! I plan to use it once a week. I used them both this morning and a girl at work asked if I got my hair done over the weekend because it looked brighter. I kid you not. It def brought my highlights back out that were starting to fade.
I got the It's a 10 with Keretin leave in conditioner too. Obsessed. I combed the product through my hair and then used some morrocan oil on my ends and left for work. My hair dried frizz free straight as a board by the time I got to work. (45 min commute)
Kristin picked me up on Saturday night and then we stopped by Kimberly's house to kidnap her for dinner. We treated her to a birthday meal and it just happened to be my favorite place to dine. HeeHeeHee...It was great fun to girl talk about anything and everything. Nothing is off topic when we get together. Nothing. Ha! When we took Kimberly home, she showed us the FINAL floorplans for the home they're building. I am sooooo excited because I've been asked to moodboard the whole shebang. Shut.Up.I.Know. I'm excited!

Happy Monday, Y'all! Here are the flowers not quite in bloom that Lee sent me last week that I forgot to share with you.

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