Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend deets

Insanity Check-in: Still going strong. Feeling great. Day 21 and it's my OFF day. Woot Woot!

Army Wife of a Deployed Soldier Check-in: Stronger than I ever knew I could be. Feeling tired. Haven't slept much in months. Sleep patterns are cray cray. On some days I rely on power naps in my car during the work week on my lunch hour. Absurd, I know. Nonetheless, I'm more than excited that my spreadsheet countdown for the end of this deployment is in the 30th percentile. I can hardly believe it. Such a wave of emotions in this check-in, eh? Yeh, tell me about it...

I worked out, paid bills and got horizontal on the couch for the most of Friday night

I had to gather certified mail on Saturday. My work commute doesn't allow me to have time during the week to do anything at our local post office. Something about Lee's military student loan reimbursement. They marked a page incomplete by borrower but in fine print it says to be "completed by office only". Crikey. Going back to sender!

I stopped by the mall to search for a new cure for my under eye circles. See the no sleep reference in the above check-in. If you follow my blog you 1, know that I LOVE makeup and 2, know that I'm constantly looking for the best circle coverage ever. I couldn't find anything I like that does anything different than what I already own at home but I did get some new foundation and brow pencil from Chanel. I adored the Pro Lumiere foundation and was bummed to see that it was replaced with Perfection Lumiere. Still, I matched myself with the PERFECT color. The color name rose beige scared me but it really was the perfect match for my fair complexion with pink undertones. I bought it but after wearing it all day yesterday and after working hard to do a perfect application this morning (by using an eye cream, moisturizer and primer), I can conclude that it isn't for combination skin. I tend to be dry in the morning and a bit oily in my T-zone in the afternoon. Meh...back to my Makeup Forever foundation. Nothing is wrong with but I like to try new things to see if I like one better. I tend to be more oily in the Summer so if I'm still fair I may use the Perfection Lumiere then.

I've been using my Chanel brow duo for years but not daily. I've only recently started noticing the impact a good brow can make in your finished makeup look. I once read that Carrie Underwood uses Chanel's brow pencil so I thought I'd give it a try and I loved it so much that I bought one. I figured if it's good for that blonde then it's good for this one too.

As I mosied back to may car I got distracted by a sweater in the window at Forever 21. So I bought it.

And then I spotted another sweater and faux leather black skirt that I have on today. I already have one faux leather skirt I scored from BCBG but it's more of a straight mini making it too short for work and my hips love a cute a-line skirt so I couldn't resist this one.
I got home, jumped in the shower and then met my buddy Kristin for dinner and a movie. I gave her book back to her that I had borrowed and she gave ME a book that she and Kimberly had got for me. They went to a local event where this book was being sold and thought of me when they saw it. So sweet!

Kristin and I saw Lincoln and it was really a great movie. The acting was incredible. It's no wonder Daniel Day-Lewis earned  himself a Best Actor Golden Globe!

I had brunch with Jacob, Taylor and her dad on Sunday. Gosh, I love breakfast food. I swear this place has the best banana french toast. I also ate bacon, eggs and hash browns...really healthy, huh? It's OK, after stopping by the grocery store I went back home, took a nap and broke a sweat working out.


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