Monday, January 14, 2013

wknd deets

Wowzers. I've been having some major issues with my blog. I keep getting some crazy error message. I  pretty much had to delete all my widgets and software programs to get back to my blogger running smoothly. Hopefully that fixed the problem and the error won't come back!

I haven't been able to update you since Insanity Day 9 but I'm still plugging away on the program! Today is my off day. Praise the Lord! I had my first Pure Cardio + Cardio Abs workout yesterday and that wore me out! BUT nothing motivates me more than a new pair of tennies and some cute new sport bras.

I've really had to work hard to squeeze in my workout the last few days. I had a funeral to attend in my hometown and a jam-packed weekend with friends. I ordered my bridesmaid dress for Chelsie's wedding and my bestie Mallory flew into town! She had a baby shower to attend and then spent the night with me! We chowed on Mexican food and then got cozy in sweats in front of the television. It got super cold outside so it was nice to cuddle up under some blankets and have girl talk. Mallory makes me laugh so hard. AND look at this super cute soap she brought me! Looks like Cooper, no?!
Call me crazy but it's taken me more than half of this deployment to own up to the fact that I need to create a routine that doesn't involve Lee. And that means getting rid of his now expired pickles. Ha! (I'm not a fan of pickles and picante.) And taking his clothes to the dry cleaner. For some reason putting those little things off helped me think that he'd be home sooner instead of 12+ months later. Whatever helps, right?!
Happy Monday! Fingers crossed my blogger keeps working sans error messages!


Lindsay Swoboda said...

That soap is Coop perfection! Glad you are rockin the Insanity program, I have never done it, but am constantly looking for a new way to update my work outs! The video blogs are very adorable! Cheers to finally ditching those pickles, and when Ry was deployed, I saved pieces of his laundry to do to! Craziness;)

Erin said...

O that makes me feel better to know you did the laundry thing too!Ha! It's most def lots of craziness!