Wednesday, January 16, 2013


And I'm back! Again.

Last night was my 2nd Insanity Fit Test and I amazed myself with how many more repetitions I can do now. I have improved big time. I have passed the grunt feeling and now look forward to my workout everyday. Cheers! I also look forward to my off day too. Ha!

Last night I had THIS salad for dinner. I used apple instead of pear. I also bought an assortment of nuts combined with dried cranberries instead of buying them individually. I love this salad recipe. I buy the exact same dressing brands too. I've tried others just because it's hard to find them at some grocery stores but always end up going out of my way to buy these brands because they simply taste better.
I'm helping host a bridal shower for a friend of mine in the spring. I'm getting started on decor ideas early so I'm not rushing around last minute because I know by that time I'll be in an absolute frenzy preparing for Lee's homecoming.
I'm getting stuff this week to make a present table backdrop, tassel garland and a Mr. & Mrs. banner! I'm excited to get crafty. Here's my inspiration but I'll be putting my own spin on them all.
Lee and I have been discussing some exciting things for when he returns. The mental and emotional growth through a deployment is incredible. We most certainly don't have the same priorities and ambitions that we had a year ago.

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