Monday, June 21, 2010

Design Star Recap

It was girls vs guys this week and the guys won. I really feel like the judges got it right this week by sending Tera home. She was given a fashion statement and her only take away was the color pallet. She even argued that color theory was crap. Eek! Her colors weren't bad, but they did seem like an incomplete thought. Nina was selected to be in the bottom two with Tera. I would have loved to see Nina go home because she has a sorry attitude that I don't like, but in her defense; she did add a lot more substance than Stacey! Stacey's chair was fabulous, but she didn't contribute anything else to the design. Back to Nina, I can't wait to see someone stand up to her. I really feel like I would be able to tell her, "No." How hard is that?
Courtland won the challenge on the men's team. His striped wall and contribution to the overall design was obvious. I laughed at Michael going around behind Trent restyling everything Trent touched. It was ridiculous.
I'm looking forward to seeing more design and less debate. "Wow" me, designers!
This is Stacey's chair.

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