Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lights Out

Today ends our tour of my ideal-dream-home-at-the-moment tour. The last stop is the bedroom! I really had a hard time narrowing my images to a select I'm showing you several. There are too many variables for designing a bedroom. I like a clean-line hotel vibe, but also a bit of glamour, shabby chic and vintage.
I love a bit of sparkle and drool over monograms. Mixing textures is another favorite of mine.
The crisp, clean feel of this room would be ideal for nap time. I need a nap right now...

OMG. I love the funny, pillow fight art and really need a huge furry throw.

Put on your serious face. Now. I have always wanted vintage Louie suitcases. Not to use for travel, but to decorate my home! They look good paired with this bedding.

Huge. No. Massive crush on this headboard.

I'm a girl's girl. Girly girl. Pink and canopy lover. Need I say more?
Yum. I love exposed beams. Fluffy bedding and luxurious details would suit me just fine. I'd love this more if it had a punch of color and tuft chic furniture. This room seems a tad too old as is.

All Images: House Beautiful

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