Monday, May 23, 2011

Wknd Happenings

Whelp, the dance recital was too gosh darn cute. Lee and I had such a good time cheering for our niece and nephew this past Friday. Gosh. They are seriously cute. I ended up getting them roses. No time for the candy bouquet. Pink for the niece and red for the nephew. We grabbed Mexican food after the recital and then headed home. It was close to midnight by the time we got to Nana's. Saturday morning we took off for my home town at the other end of the state where my family threw me a belated birthday party. We chomped on my menu pickings for the night: lasagna, salad, twisty bread sticks, homemade banana ice cream and Grandma's Famous Strawberry Cake...
I was surprised and super excited that mom had received a call from one of my favorite stores to pickup a birthday gift ordered over the phone from my auntie in Alabama! How sweet?! I can't wait to spend the gift certificate. I know I will have no problem doing that.
I recently found out that my roomie x2 from college and childhood buddy since grade school is moving to her hubby's hometown in PA. They sold their house in 14 days! Isn't that crazy cool?! I am too excited for the opportunities that are being provided to them. I know I will miss their faces, but it's not like I'm saying goodbye forever. On Sunday I went and gave their daughter Rian about a million kisses, read her favorite books to her and watched cartoons. She loves to plop down in your lap while you read.
We then played dress up because I insisted on styling her in her new skinny jeans and gold gladiator sandals. Her little tee says that she loves shoes and she does. She cries when you take her shoes off!  Ha!

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