Monday, August 22, 2011


Lee commissioned yesterday!!! It was a great celebration and Lee had an overwhelming amount of support roll out to witness his pinning yesterday! I get goosies (goosebumps) just thinking about it. Lee got the Achievement Award too! It was really neat that the guest speaker touched on the importance of family and friends while in the Army. It was evident in the numbers sitting around me that we are truly blessed.
O...and about THIS dress...I didn't end up wearing it. However much I do love the dress, when it came down to it, I didn't feel comfortable in it the morning of the event. It was fitted and my tummy was a ball of nerves. Also, when I would sit down, the dress then appeared to be in need of an iron when I would stand. With as much sitting as we were going to be doing at the ceremony, I didn't want to be a wrinkly mess for all of our photo ops, ya know? Luckily, I still have the tags, etc and I will be sending it back. I impromptu with a black dress and pearls. Boring, I know. I was pretty bummed because I hate last minute changes and I was really looking forward to wearing my new dress. However, the material of the black dress was perfect for sitting and the looseness of the chiffon was more comfortable.

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