Sunday, August 14, 2011


When my trade show concluded Thursday, I headed to WV and spent the night in Clarksburg, WV. That place was...interesting? The best I could do for dinner was Applebees and I am not kidding you it is a karaoke bar on Thursday nights. Disco ball and all. Standing room only around the bar area. People in that town roll out to the Applebee on Thursday in their Sunday best. I munched on my oriental salad in the distance and found myself completely entertained.
On Friday, my office was on the golf course. At Stonewall to be exact. When the tournament banquet was over, I headed back to Pitt with my coworkers. I then parted ways for the wknd and took off towards Philly to see my beloved friends that moved there recently! It was a late and a long drive, but totally worth it. I had a blast seeing THIS kid and taught her to say, "Erin." Well, she says, "E" because saying, "Erin" isn't so easy. I got to hear her sound like a monkey all day yelling, "E, E, E!" I absolutely loved it! We went shopping, had a cookout, baked cookies and lounged around in sweat pants while catching up on girl talk. I drove back to Pitt today and I'm gearing up for another work-golf tournament tomorrow.
I'm exhausted and anxious. I am very much looking forward to getting back home to the hubby. It's his graduation week! Yay!

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