Friday, August 19, 2011

frame hanging fool

I got them all up! Now, I'm finding and blowing up pix to fill the empty frames. This is a sorry iphone pic. I'll bust out the bad boy Nikon for you when I get the frames filled.

While we were eating dinner with our BFFs at Benvenuti's last night, it occurred to me that we have a ton of quilts, blankets, etc. This wasn't just an epiphany. Tay and I had actually been talking about storage and that led to my many blankets. You get the point...I hope. Anyway, Taylor suggested I get a trunk! And I love this idea! You know my first instinct was drool worthy Louis Vuitton:

I've always obsessed over Restoration Hardware's collection too:

But I'm afraid my budget isn't in awe of a trunk that pricey. I'd rather spend my mula on big shiny mirrors and stuff. I remembered seeing some Restoration look alikes at Hobby Lobby so I scrolled my 1,000+ images on my phone and found this:

I'll need a larger one than what you see on that bottom shelf, but maybe they have something similar but in the scale I need...

So...BIG weekend is approaching! I'm getting to secure Lee's gold bars on him during his graduation ceremony to make it official on Sunday! Woot Woot!!! He's going to have quite the fan club there too. We are so excited to be surrounded by much love and support for this very proud moment. Lee has worked extremely hard during his training. Putting up with his cadre during drill and emotional me at home has completely exhausted him at times I'm sure. I know it's going to be really neat to see this long haul come full circle when I hear 2nd Lieutenant in front of our last name on Sunday. Yay!

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