Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i wanna sparkle

So...I'm almost positive this Dining Out shindig is cocktail dress attire. Unfortunately "almost" isn't good enough for me to proceed with an online purchase. Instead, I'll be checking out some local dress haunts for my attire. However, I'm kinda loving this dress if only I had time to order it before the event...boo hiss.

You might recognize this dress. It's Jovani worn by Miranda Lambert. Here she is in it doing her hair and makeup similar to what I would do too. I know a local shop that sells this brand but they overprice their stuff big time and I know it would be less expensive online. Too bad we're not buddies. I mean she IS an Oklahoma gal. Maybe Miranda would have let me borrow it?

Here's a decent pic of Lee and myself after I just pinned on his gold bars (still on stage) at his Commissioning Ceremony. Do I look different? I'm an officer wife now. haha

The safe side of me may pick out something more like this from JCREW:

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