Thursday, August 25, 2011

work clothes

Last night I stopped by the mall after work to get a few things for my trip next week. I wanted to get a LBD (little black dress) to replace the peplum coral thang I didn't wear to Lee's graduation and finally returned this week. I also needed a suit. I lucked out and found both.
I got the Giani Bini "Ester" dress:

And here's the Antonio Melani suit and blouse I got. The skirt has a cute pleat in the back instead of a slit. I'm not digging the shoes I grabbed from my closet for the pic. Tay says I need more of a heel and she is totally right. I 1st had on a smaller jacket in the dressing room but the sleeves weren't quite long enough:

I did like how the smaller jacket was more fitted in the waist and wonder if this other jacket can be tailored?

Did I mention that I found the black dress only on my way to the Lingerie Department? I had completely overlooked the Giani Bini section at Dillards. What did I get in the Lingerie Department? A black slip. I couldn't find one at home for the last minute dress I wore to Lee's graduation so I improvised and wore a long stretchy black cami as a skirt. Silly, I know. BUT it worked! Yes, I was a Girl Scout.

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