Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ceiling patch done

I have finished patching the ceiling! The tiny nail in the center is where the wires are located to cut the hole to size for the chandelier if you can see it. I'm kinda impressed with myself. Ha! The next step is to hang the chandy. Yeh!

It should look something like this in 2 weeks:

Lee sent me a pic from his briefing this morning. Did you know camel spiders existed? Me neither.


Charlie and Stacy said...

So jealous that you live in a house and can hang fabulous chandeliers!

I've seen those camel spiders before. Supposedly they aren't dangerous to humans, but I would still be horrified! I've heard they can also run crazy fast, like 10 mph or something!

Erin said...

O my goodness! You have?! Holy smokes. I would totally wig out if I saw one of those. Like the annoying girls in scary movies that just stare at the bad guy running to them. Ha!

I'm more than excited to get it up. I haven't even taken it out of the box yet bc I just know I'll lose a piece of it. It's actually in several boxes inside one. Like a clown car...

Charlie and Stacy said...

I guess I should clarify... I haven't SEEN one, but I've heard of them. I would cry like I baby if I actually saw one!