Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Morale is really high in Oklahoma right now. We're so proud of our Thunder boys. It's really neat to see our state come together like this. AND I feel like this boost is going to do wonders for our communities. Image taken before the 1st game of the NBA Finals:

And on that note, speaking of state...I got a couple of awards (Yes, 2!) in the mail from our grand State of Oklahoma. I was unable to attend an event/ceremony I was invited to last week because I had my toes in the sand. However, when I checked my mail yesterday-I struck gold when Sender name read, "The State of Oklahoma". I was so excited to see that I was honored. I felt simply appreciated. Lee told me he is incredibly proud that I'm his wife and admires my selfless acts. You would have thought he moved a mountain the way my mouth dropped and eyes watered. I said, "Thanks, Soldier." I mean come on...The gallery wall in our office is Lee, Lee, Lee. And then my college diploma. I'm humbled to add to the selfless family wall.

The awards honored my advocacy for CASA vaguely mentioned HERE, stuff I do during the holidays mentioned HERE and the RFK fundraising events I coordinate that was blogged about HERE. All for children. I have a big heart for kids in need. I was one. And it's better than good to give back.

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