Monday, June 18, 2012

weekend deets

I went wild Friday night. I got a mani/pedi and had a sno cone for dinner. Because I can.

I not so patiently waited for Lee to call and let me know he was on his way home. The bug man came and sprayed the house, I got groceries and stopped by Lowe's to get items needed to patch the big hole in the ceiling of our master bathroom.
Remember, we removed the vent/fan/heater thing so we can hang the new CHANDELIER? I found THIS diy tutorial went for it. I mean the hole was pretty significant so I could just use a little mesh patch and texture it. I had to get an actual square of sheet rock. Wish I had taken a pic before the hole was covered.
When Lee got home, I had him cut the sheet rock to size and screw it into the studs in the ceiling as advised in the tutorial. I took my joint compound and tried to smooth out the ceiling and the square so it appeared flush. (I like this particular joint compound not because it's pink, but because you know it's dry when it turns white.)

When it dried, I placed the self-adhesive mesh tape over the studs to prepare my surface for another coat of compound.

I spread another layer of compound and let that dry. I'm going to paint it tonight and cross my fingers that it looks good. If not, no biggie. I'll just add a thin layer of compound again and blend.
When Lee comes home for R&R before he deploys, he gets to hang the light. He left the small screw in the center so he knows where the center is to cut the hole and that's where the wires are too.

Kristi, Nick and little Kaden came over for pizza. Taylor made THIS salad the last time she us all over for dinner and I absolutely loved it so I had her send me the recipe. I made it to accompany our pizza night and it was a hit.

We went to our favorite breakfast hangout and Best Buy after that. I picked out a camera for Lee's birthday and he got an internal hard drive that has larger storage than the one that came with his Mac. I wanted to get him a nice camera so he doesn't get any wild hairs and take mine. Ha! We spent the rest of the day being lazy and Lee piddled with out network setup so he can log in from a remote server and check-in etc. I married a really cute nerd that thinks of everything that I don't. Love him! I stole this from my pal Larissa on FB and sent it to Lee.

Lee wanted to stay another night so he had to leave super early this morning to make it to formation at 5:30am. His alarm went off at 2:30am. I hope he keeps coffee in his veins all day!

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