Monday, June 11, 2012

weekend deets

Wishing I was on the beach this morning.

I took off for a loooong drive to see Lee as soon as I got off work. We did manage to get a little bit of alone time at dinner but not much before he had to get to bed early.

I drove back home since Lee had to do weapons qualification at night. He knew he wouldn't finish until late into the night so there was no point in me staying.
Coop and I both showered as soon as we got home. He was all itchy from being outdoors a lot while at his Nana's while I was in FL. He had a lot of bumpies and it appeared that something had bitten him between the toes. His foot was swollen and bubbled up. I popped, cleaned and wrapped hit little paw. Poor baby.

We slept and then more of the same. I loaded up on groceries and did a few loads of laundry. Bleh. I did an overhaul on our closet again. When I know I need to clean the house, etc I always seems to get distracted by reorganizing my closet before I move onto somewhere else in the house.

Coop's paw is looking better but still swollen. He's going to the vet if it's not WAY better after work!

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