Friday, June 22, 2012

rug that helps

Not that I don't shop now but when the Army thing starts to get to me, I find that shopping makes me feel a lot better. Retail therapy. Duh.

On a serious note, I very recently started to understand the impact of the kind of communication I can and cannot have with Lee while his focus needs to be on the bad guys. I can't come to him with drama and stress. He needs to know that I have the home front covered. Can you imagine not ranting to your spouse about something?!

On a more fun note, I've got eyes on my next shopped victim. It's no wonder I like a more bohemian eclectic-glam decor style as I add pieces to our home. I mean gosh-My style oohs and awes always go to these celebrity pretties:

So consequently (I think it's obvious) I would obsess over images like these:

I think it's only fitting that I have an overdyed rug to go with my home decor wardrobe. Sounds silly I'm sure but I don't care, I plan to order this before I drop Lee off at the bus so I have something to look forward to in the mail shortly after the drop:

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