Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Anyone else loving House Beautiful's March issue?
It seems like I've had my head in a the clouds the last couple of weeks and feel easily overwhelmed. I have so many ideas and it's like the world around me is moving really fast but at the same time counting down the days until Lee comes home is dragging ever so slowly.
I'm still plugging away at the Insanity workout program and I'm really enjoying it. I have a pretty exciting meeting tomorrow about some pretty exciting stuff I'm trying to jump start but my smile turns upside down every time I hear something about fighting season being around the corner in Afghanistan. It's just all so damn scary, ya know? Then when Lee's answers to my emails are short and he says he's was really busy all day...I know exactly what that means. Or at least my imagination tells me it's scary stuff. Blergh.

back to fun stuff

You MUST try a B.B. cream. (beauty balm Cream) I have been hearing all the hype but didn't know exactly what to think about B.B. cream or what it even is. The list of benefits tends to be impressive for most of these creams, with the life-improving effects stopping just short of walking on water. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but for women who apply a moisturizer, a primer, a foundation, a setting powder, and an SPF sunscreen every morning, B.B. creams seem like a small miracle. These are one-step products that can protect, conceal, and correct skin texture and tone. A-maze balls.
I decided to give it a go on a drugstore brand and I'm now smitten.
I got the lightest shade and it blends perfectly. It actually feels like I have nothing on at all. It's so grain-like and white when you 1st squirt it on your finger but it instantly dissolves and blends into your skin. 
I know different brands vary and they don't all feel the same because we don't all have the same skin type. I'm picking up Maybelline's version to try this weekend.
Let me know if you find one you like so I can try it too!

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Lindsay Swoboda said...

B. B. Cream originated (so I've heard) in KOREA! And let me tell you, the women here are SKIN OBSESSED so naturally, i've been loving on all their products, including BB. Glad to hear that it has made its way to the states, I would be so sad without it!