Tuesday, February 12, 2013

cupcake & thrifting

Brrrrrr it's cold outside. Pouring down rain and it's supposed to start snowing this afternoon. Only in Oklahoma is it t-shirt weather one day and parka the next day. This morning I was determined to find a way to wear my warm fuzzy socks all day. I'm sporting a black sweater dress, thick black tights and my yellow Hunter boots. O yes I did and my toes love me for it.

I LOVE holidays and Valentine's Day is no exception. I always bring a themed holiday treat to work if the big day falls on a work day. I might be taking a snow day soon so I made my cupcakes to share last night while I was Facetime-ing Lee. I'm no Top Chef but I love to bake!
Here's my goodies I got from thrifting last weekend...
I got this old wooden Sunkist crate for $6. I'm going to put a couple flower flower pots in it and maybe some Geraniums on the porch when flowers start to bloom outside!
This brass container with claw feet needs to be polished and I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet..but for $1 I couldn't resist it. LOVE it.
And you know these images?

I scored this great vintage flag for $1.
I love the idea of blasting our patriotism in our home but I worry about disrespecting THIS code when I'm trying to do just the opposite so I'm going to really deliberate on my options. Some people drape, slipcover a sofa and allow their flag to touch the ground. It's like begging for a citation while spitting in our America's face. Big no-no that I'm def not doing:

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