Monday, February 18, 2013

wknd deets and BMW recall

First, checkout THIS article for the BMW recall. My model is included and yours might be too. I called my local dealer and they said my file doesn't require any recalls yet...funny because the article says it does. To be cont'd.
Second, it was a great weekend!
I saw the movie Safe Haven with my girl, Kristin. I had NOT read the book so I liked it. But Kristin had read the book and liked it too so take that for what you will.
We chowed down on yummy Mexican food and enjoyed the movie as each other's valentine. Yay! Kristin has been so great to include me in any and all things fun while Lee has been away. From grabbing a bite to eat to inviting me over to veg out on her couch sans makeup in my fat pants. I know I've said it before but I really do feel blessed to be surrounded by better than good friends! [(My dad always tells me to have a better than good day;)]
I worked out and drove to my hometown on Saturday to spiff up a presentation for my dad. It cost him a steak dinner. I think my dad makes the best steaks and mom has the perfect sauce to serve with it. All the sauce is: sliced mushrooms, soy sauce and melted butter. Saute it for a bit and serve. Yum.
The next day I stopped by to see the progress of the new house my aunt and uncle are building. Dang it. I should have taken pix! It's looking so great. The cabinets (not stained yet) are in and the tile is in the showers. No grout yet. Exciting! I then stopped by my Grandma & Pop's house to say hey and tell Pop thank you for the chocolates he got me for Valentine's Day. He gets ALL the girls in the family a heart box of chocolates. He has been for years and years. That's a lot of chocolate!
Anyone else nibble a piece of each one before you chunk the whole thing in your mouth to see if it's "good one" or not? To me that's the fun part!
Today is President's Day. To me that means I'm itching to take advantage of the promo codes and order something online...But the things I'm itching to buy don't have a sell code. Pooey.

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