Monday, February 4, 2013

weekend deets

This past weekend Cooper and I spent the weekend at my parent's home! On Saturday morning my mom took and our sweet friend Marie took off for Texas to shop all day...and that we did. We left at 9am and it was midnight when we got back to my parent's house. I found some goodies at Homegoods. Here's a couple of things that I thought about getting but ultimately passed up.
I did get a few things for my laundry room.
I got this hot air balloon sign too. I like the look of hanging a wired sign from the corner of it. This bright yellow prop won't stay here but you get the idea. I also want taller candle vases with some kind of intricate detail but you get the idea. I want some yummy smell good candles with color that I will actually light but again-you get the idea. Just props!
On Sunday we watched an old movie that told the love story of Carol Lombard and Clark Gable. Great funny story with a sad ever after. She must have been a funny one. Beautiful and funny. Lombard was a comedic actress and the highest paid actress in the late 1930s, earning around $500K annually. That's a lot and even more so back then! She was 33 years of age when she was killed in a plane crash.
Clark Gable was in the Army with my grandpa. Kinda neat. It's fun listening to dad tell Grandpa's stories.

When I got back home, I didn't watch the Super Bowl. Although, I did DVR the game and fast forward to the halftime show and then later watched the top talked about commercials on YouTube. That's all I cared to watch. Beyonce killed it...and the lights I heard. She's amazing. So pretty. So talented. That voice! Love her. Best halftime show I have seen in a very long time. Maybe ever!
How sweet is the hug shared between her and Jay-Z after her performance?!


Morgan said...

Oh how cool!

Clark Gable lived in Barnsdall for a while. That's just down the road from Ptown :)

Erin said...

Awesome! I know Clark Gable married twice after Carol was killed but they say he was never quite the same. He even had his burial be beside her when he passed. Saweeeet.