Monday, February 11, 2013

weekend deets

Morning Loves! I had a great weekend and I hope you did too!
On Friday I painted the creamy white bed black like I said I would.
I don't have a bedroom pic for you yet. I did move the bed into the bedroom but after I struggled to put the mattresses back on the bed by myself, I needed to do a couple little paint touch ups. I still need to make the bed and then I'll take a finished pic for you. Nonetheless, the bed looks a lot better against the white wall.

On Saturday morning I woke up and found a surprise on my porch from Lee. My Valentine made me a book online! He's so McDreamy. Lee filled it with funny images of us together going all the way back to our college days and his comments beside each of them were just as entertaining. #blessed
Who says you can't have romance long distance?!

I then went to my local Salvation Army. I got some goodies that I'll share with you tomorrow. I went to pick up a couple of my favorite candles and gobble a cupcake at my friend's bakery next. OMG her treats are yummy. I'm ordering Lee's welcome home party desserts from her! I'm doing bite size pies with homemade ice cream. You can't get anymore American than that! Here's an example of her her mini cherry pies:

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