Monday, February 25, 2013

wknd deets

First up. I'm loving this lamp base I scored from Target. I'm really digging their Threshold brand. I had the shade already. Loving the combo. You can ignore my giant coffee mug in the reflection. It's chilly here and it keeps me warm!

I'm wanting to make slider cupcakes for Lee when he gets back. My first attempt went OK but they're not super pretty yet.
I was a bit bored during the show and I would be lying to you if I told you I didn't fast forward through some parts and watch an episode of Girls at the same time...
Loving my girl Jennifer Lawrence even more after her fall heading up the stair to accept her Best Actress Oscar. I'd totally do the same thing. She laughed off the fall with swag too. AND hubba hubba Hugh Jackman. The sweet man in the front row to jump to Lawrence's assistance when she fell on the stairs. Gotta love a man who steps up to help when everyone else just stares. That is so sexy...for the record I saw that Bradley Cooper jumped too;)
 Lots of hits and misses in the wardrobe department. Bleh. Nothing rocked my world that I think is worth talking about. Lots of pretty faces and hair though. Beauty for the win!

I went thrifting again over the weekend and bought Lee some new shorts.
I kid. I kid. Ha!

I went to brunch with a few of my own leading ladies on Sunday. Taylor, Ryan, Kristie and I had a girl's day that involved eggs and pedicures. Great day!

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