Thursday, July 28, 2011


I love me some TV. Right now, 2 of my fav shows are airing. I DVR everything because I'm rarely home to watch them when they originally air. Instead, I watch my shows as I'm trying to unwind horizontally in front of the tube. HGTV Design Star is in full swing and Project Runway's season premier is tonight! Giddy up! Are
 you watching too???

Anywho, did you hear about Rachel Zoe's nursery for baby Skyler?! Adorbs. Not my usual colorful attraction but very ideal for a sweetly napping boy and relaxing zone for any growing bundle of lovey dove. Skyler keeps warm with his Hermes blanket and has a leather Gucci jacket waiting for him to grow into. You should see his current shoe collection too. He can't walk yet either. You can see more @
Looks like Miss Suri Cruise has some fashion competition in celebrity tot land.
And while I'm mentioning Rachel Zoe, I must say that while our lives are nothing alike. I find her very business savvy just as much as I find her style intriguing. She has managed to take her love for fashion and grow an empire around it. A-mazing. I thoroughly enjoying chic success stories. Gosh. And I love her hair. I keep pulling on mine to get it to grow faster. Cheers.

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