Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wknd Happenings

I'm back in Pittsburgh for work. I really love being out  East. The weather is a nice break from my Midwestern 111 degrees!
Lee had his last OCS drill this past wknd!!! It was a short one too. He got to come home Saturday evening rather than Sunday evening. BUT-I was at the lake house so we didn't get to take advantage of his short drill wknd. I got home Sunday afternoon and got to packing for work in Pitt this week, got my nails done and stopped by CVS to stock up on necessities for travel. Lee had a rough time at drill even if it was short.  Ever since his heat stroke during his OSUT training, he's more susceptible to heat exhaustion, etc. His drill sgt had to give him an IV and he went through 2 bags of fluid before he started feeling more like himself again. Scary town, huh?
So he graduates from OCS in August and will finally commission to be an officer! Woot woot. I woot woot for admiration for all his hard work and for the beginning of our new Army countdown to be donzoooo.
On a random note, I had a HS class reunion mtg scheduled to do on my way to the lake. I can't believe next Summer will be 10 years since I graduated high school! Makes me wonder where we will be in another 10 years. Anyway, the mtg went well and we crossed a lot of items off  my giant list. Don't ya know I had an organized spreadsheet of items to discuss?

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