Thursday, July 28, 2011

soldier say what

I talked to my soldier for a brief minute yesterday. He was doing really well. He was telling me the crazy things that he had to do like zip-lining across a lake while trying to do...something? And then he was saying something about walking across some high beam board while trying to do something??? He was about to go for a swim and try to load and unload his equipment while in the water. I think??? There was so much info to take in that I wasn't hearing it all because in MY head I was trying to think of anything and everything that I needed to tell HIM. Ha! Oh man. Crikey.
I DO remember him saying that if he wasn't being evaluated and scrutinized for every move he makes then his time would be considered enjoyable thus far. Huh? Imagine that.
Get this. Before he left, I told him to drink lots of water so we don't have a repeat of what has happened before and he said he's following wifey orders and has already been doted the "loose bladder" guy because he has to go pee all the time. Score 1 for wifey on the home front!

On another note, I bought the Alice + Olivia dress I blogged about yesterday. Let's hope I still love it when it shows up on my doorstep!

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