Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mercantile Wonders

ALSO over this past weekend, I fell in love with a fantastic place on the way to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress I'm wearing in a wedding for my hilarious, equally tall and sweet pal, Mallory! We didn't have much time to peep around before my fitting appointment but I did manage to snap some pix of what I loved.

I wanted this mirror but I didn't want to pay $300 for it. Insert sad face.

I love milk glass. I wanted this set but it was over $400!

I could totally see this in a dining room with some Anthro knobs added to the doors. I like the chicken wire doors!

Couldn't find an Oklahoma plate or I would have bought one!

I regret not buying the O and U letters now. Boomer Sooner!

I should have bought this too but I had a different shopping mission that day.

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