Thursday, July 14, 2011

keep it clean

I am obsessive about washing my face every night and try to take really good care my skin while I am sleeping or playing in the sun. This doesn't change when I travel. I pack a lot of products when I travel but 3 things I will always have is face wash, eye makeup remover and moisturizer.

I have been using this clean and clear face wash since the 7th grade. My skin is used to it and I have never had problems with it. I like that it has the micro-scrubbers in it and it gives a good lather to assist in getting my makeup mask off at the end of the day. I occasionally try others when I'm overnight somewhere with friends or family, but my skin feels more irritated when I change things up.

Are your eyes sensitive like mine? Man. Ever since I started wearing makeup, I have tried so many different eye makeup removers to keep from getting red eyes after I wash my face. Then I started working for Chanel in college and discovered:

This stuff is awesome at removing eye makeup and leaves your skin feeling great too. I hate super oily things and this solution is perfect. However, when I stopped getting Chanel's products for free-I really hated spending $34 to take off eye makeup! I mean, I WILL pay more money for makeup but makeup remover? That's just silly. So I started my search again and found Neutrogena's eye makeup remover and love it. I also use cotton squares to do the deed...if you care.  

My favorite moisturizer of all time is Chanel's Hydramax.

Love love love this stuff (cost $75). The smell and texture will always be a household product of mine. My jar at home is close to empty so I didn't want to bring it with me and chance running out mid trip but I also didn't want to make a trip to the mall just for moisturizer before I left for Pitt. Instead, I stopped by my neighborhood drugstore, and reached for Nivea's cream ( cost .99) like Kate Middleton did. I figure-If it's princess worthy than I should give it a shot. I've used it since arriving in Pitt on Monday and after 4 nights-I can honestly say that Kate is onto something. It feels really great on my skin. AND I love that packaging. It takes up no room in my suitcase.

Note: I was not paid or asked to endorse these products.

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