Friday, July 15, 2011

leaving on a jet plane

I'm headed home today and I couldn't be more excited. Our housekeeper comes today too so I get to come home to a clean house. I love starting a weekend off on a "clean" slate.

Lee and I are swearing off our phones and spending a lot of QT time together. I see a movie, gun range date, Big Truck Taco lunch and a trip to Cuppies & Joe in our future.

The gun range date is my idea. One-I know Lee is on board for that any day. But two-it's important to us both that I feel comfortable loading and shooting my gun. I do not sleep well when Lee is gone and I know I will feel a lot safer with more gun shooting under my belt.

We want to see Horrible Bosses. We've seen Transformers and Bad Teacher-both really good by the way...

Have a super fantastic weekend, y'all! I'll leave you with some pretties that I'm dreaming of for when we build our future doll house. All images below are in my "I'm serious about this image and something in this pic will influence my future dream house" folder.

Sorry, I don't have sources. Sucky, I know. I do quick saves all the time for inspiration. Today, I just feel compelled to share a bit of my serious folder with you. Ha!

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