Monday, July 18, 2011

Dresser (Before & After)

This dresser was bought for a guestroom in our house. However, Lee's Army wardrobe and "stuff" (lots and lots of stuff) are housed in this guest closet. He's not the only one that uses this room though...our treadmill is in there too which is a major reason why we bought another cable/dvr box for the guestroom. I'm sure you can see the box in the After pic below.

Before (Craigslist image)


I need to go back and touch up a few inside edges but you can see that for the most part-it's just about done. I removed the hardware and sprayed it in the perfect gold, sprayed the entire dresser in this perfect orange-y red color and then wiped a gloss over the dresser to give it a sweet shine.

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