Thursday, April 4, 2013

bachelorette party

I did invitations myself for a bachelorette party I'm planning and I really like how the invites turned out. Saved me a lot of money too. I have easily spent $80+ at places like and in the past but delivery time was suddenly an issue and it got me thinking about my other options.
I bought some heavy card stock, 5x7 envelopes, a paper slicer and small diamond gems at Hobby Lobby to get the job done for $20. I removed some details for obvious reasons but you get the idea!
Before I pat myself on the back, I must tell you that it wasn't until I uploaded this picture that I realized I didn't include the date of the dang party on the dang invitation. Mercy. I bet I get some phone calls...but at least that's one way to get a firm RSVP I guess??? Ha!
Man I feel dumb. I need a vacation like yesterday.

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