Tuesday, April 23, 2013

more updates

More phenomenal stuff to tell you...

I killed my 1st wasp. Ha!
I left the door open to the back patio to get some fresh air while Coop did his business in the backyard and a wasp buzzed into the house! I hate bugs and this wasp was no exception. I know I looked ridiculous squishing him 500 times just in case he might still be moving:)
A birdie made a nest in one of the new hanging baskets on the front porch!
I met Jacob, Taylor, Nick, Dave & Kristie for dinner downtown the other night. The Art Council has fun stuff going on the 2nd Friday of every month and our favorite food truck participated. So we did too...
I met Kimberly and Kristin for dinner recently too. Kristin accepted an amazing job opportunity a few states away so we celebrated that one more time before she left. She took off down the interstate with her Uhaul this past Saturday! I see a road trip in my future!
I'm putting letters in our neighbors' mailboxes to prepare them for my street decorating soon. Can you believe we've come this far?!

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