Monday, April 22, 2013

new week

Where do I start?

I dodged a tornado and spent a little time in the closet hiding out last week. The sirens went off and I had no time to take shelter in a safer place. We were only under a watch and the news wasn't saying anything about a storm in my pathway anytime soon! I had my rain boots on and my "tornado bag" (that includes a bowl and water bottle for Coop, of course) packed to drive to a shelter ready for the word so I was completely caught off guard when the sirens suddenly went off.
 Luckily the severity of storm wasn't in my backyard when the sirens started screaming. Apparently this is a shell cloud that someone captured from in their car that night! Scary!
Coop and I were wired full of energy but when we finally crawled in bed he stayed close. He tucked himself behind my pillow so I could be in his view and even kept one paw on me just in case. Cutie patootie.
I've been doing some major crafting for Chelsie's bridal shower. I'll have better pix for you from the shower but here's what I took from my phone because it was handy.
A tissue backdrop that took 3 hours to make!
 Super easy tassel banner:
Her wedding colorsI made some super cute guest favors too but I'll share those with you when I show you the shower pictures. I changed the labels since taking the phone pic of them. I spelt the groom's last name incorrectly (oops) and I didn't like the way I cut them out.

See you back here soon!

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