Monday, April 29, 2013

weekend deets

I hosted Chelsie's bachelorette party on Saturday. Taylor picked up Cooper after her hot yoga class Saturday morning so I wouldn't have to worry about him that evening. Such a relief to have good friends that take good care of your fur babies. It does my heart a world of good to know that Cooper will be loved on and cuddled when he's not at home. I'm a nervous ninny when I have to leave him at the kennel and after my last experience with the kennel I was eternally grateful that Taylor and Jake were available to keep Coop. Coop loves playing with their goldens. He thinks he's a big as they are and they are like gentle giants and let him rough house all day long. Tay sends me playful pictures for reassurance too. LOVE that.
I picked up cupcakes for the shower and check into the hotel to get everything setup for after our class. Our pole dancing class...
Ha! It was so hard and I was (and still am) incredibly sore the next day. Holy cow. It was different and fun. Such a workout. We twirled, learned to go upside down on the pole and danced with chairs. It was a great idea for a bachelorette party and I may have had selfish intentions to prep for Lee's homecoming too... 
We scurried back to the hotel afterwards and snacked while Chelsie opened lingerie gifts and we got gussied-up for dinner.
Nothing too fancy because I knew we would be going to dinner but I assumed everyone would be hungry after our workout. I figured we would want something to munch on while we got ready and opened gifts. Our suite had a fridge so I was able to prepare a variety:
French Onion Dip & Ruffles
Honey Mustard "tie the knot" Pretzels
Cheese Ball & Wheat Thins
Fruit & Dip
Creamy Salsa & Frito's
Ice Chest Full of Drinks
I'm glad I had thought of snacks because it was almost 10pm when we left the hotel for dinner.
The music festival was happening outside our restaurant so it was def a fun scene for the evening.
Dinner was really great. I'm already thinking about when I get to have shrimp shriracha again.

Oh! I got our travel documents in the mail! I cannot wait for Lee to get home. I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with him on white sandy beaches. I liked the presentation in which the documents were delivered.
Back to yoga. Taylor talked so highly about her hot yoga class. She had discovered the new place near my house by seeing their Groupon online so she thought she would try it out. She talked so highly about it that I bought the Groupon too! I went to my first yoga class ever yesterday. I did a "warm" class though. I plan on trying the hot class but thought I would step before I leap, ya know? I REALLY liked the class and I'm looking forward to my next one. I got a month of unlimited classes but I don't think I'm going back today. I'll go Tuesday for sure. I'm almost too sore to pull my pants up right now. Ha! I think I'm going to give myself a break after the weekend I had.

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