Wednesday, April 10, 2013

phone home

Can you believe it's already Wednesday?
Last Friday Kristin and Kimberly came over to celebrate Kristin's new job. She's moving states, y'all! OMG. She was offered a great opportunity that she can't resist but we're going to miss that redhead so much. Kimberly spent the night too. That's gotta make 1,023,638,498+ slumber parties for us since 3rd grade. 
Saturday morning my mom, grandma, MIL and niece arrived to help me spiff up the flowerbeds for spring. We worked our tails off and earned a frozen custard break. Once we got our sugar fixed we went back to work in the yard until dark and then ordered takeout from Chili's. The work continued early Sunday morning too! Needless to say I went to bed early that evening.

I ordered a new phone cover from Bando and I'm obsessed.
Lee and I are finally to the point of getting serious about finding land to build a house. Wahoo! This is our latest image we're pouring over ever since learning of the new development. I know there are about 25 lots still available...I just don't know which ones until the realtor gets back to me! And then we will decide to snag it or not. Can you imagine me buying land without Lee home to see it first?! Baffles me. I don't know if I want to literally LOL at the thought or shy away from the idea and risk losing it waiting for him to get home. What would you do?!

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Caroline + Sean said...

Snag one of those big corner lots!