Friday, April 13, 2012

green thumb

I bought 4 big bags of this stuff on my lunch hour. I just knew my car was going to teeter-totter to one side but it didn't. Ha!

I'm hoping to straighten the ground cloth in our beds on the side of the house tonight (before it gets dark and pray I don't see a snake) so I can lay all this soil. Then tomorrow, my plan is to go to a locally owned garden center in town to plant some goodies. I need to fill a lot of space on that side of the house so hopefully I find the perfect something. I really enjoy getting my hands dirty planting flowers.
So this is the plan but as we all know, nothing always goes as planned...Weather man says tornadoes are heading our way tonight and tomorrow night! Eek! Hopefully, I get everything planted and we just have a really really really big rainfall.

So that's it. Coop has a hair appointment and I'm planting flowers. We plan to share a nice relaxing weekend around the house. Much needed.

Have a blessed weekend, y'all!

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