Thursday, April 26, 2012


One of our big international customers/distributors is in town this week...and he brought his 20 year old daughter. I was volunteered to show her around town this week...
I took her all over the place yesterday. For starters, we walked all over OU's campus.
We tiptoed in the Great Reading Room of the University's library, took pictures in the red phone booths, bought memorabilia in the campus store inside the Student Union, had lunch on Campus Corner, gawked at our A-mazing football stadium, went into about 20 cute boutiques, chased squirrels, and I took her to a historic local favorite for a drive in styled fountain drink. I made her try my favorite: Cherry limeade with Skittles.
One of the boutiques had a ton of cute coffee table books. I looked up my bday horoscope in one of the books:

I also took her to my favorite pretty spot in town that I've talked about recently. The place where I get my flowers, etc? She was in awe over the chickens simply wandering around like no one's business. Did I mention that she had never seen a cow?
By the end of the day she had opened up a bit more and wasn't answering my questions in one word or responding with, "That's so weird..."

I was ready to get horizontal on the couch by the end of the day. And I did.

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