Tuesday, April 10, 2012

terrific traveling tuesday

Hopefully I'm flying to AL when you're reading this. My 3rd attempt to get there.

Time with my family last weekend wasn't entirely bad-news-bears. Please don't mistake me as a grumpy pants from Monday's post. Yes, a lot of exciting things happened but for the most part they were positively exciting.

I got hear my cousin's baby say his first word:

We all (and when I say all, 17 immediate family members) gather for birthday dinners. I got to be in town for my mom's. There wasn't much homemade chocolate ice cream left when I took this pic:

I took my little cousin to a local Easter egg hunt:

We had an Easter egg dying extravaganza.
One of my cousin's friends came over to the house for egg dying fun. She told me I was a lot of fun and that I'm going to be an awesome mom. Ha! Hearing that from a kid made me feel warm and fuzzy.

I helped my mom get the house ready to have lots of family over for Easter by planting awholelotta flowers:
And for the 1st time, mom gave me complete control to decorate the kitchen. You saw the bunny cake table YESTERDAY. I got a pic of the dining room table. I kept it simple since it's mass chaos at the house when we gather:

I only snapped a glimpse of the buffet:
I taught Cooper to hunt Easter eggs. He's such a smart fella. I was doing this right before I got the call from my cousin in Alabama:

And I got a baby goat. Her name is Daisy.

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