Monday, April 23, 2012

weekend deets

I made the PELMET BOXES! They really add a little something extra to the windows. I'll post pix and deets in a separate post in a bit on that.

I was recently nominated and voted in favor of an officer position for my sorority's alumni chapter. The formal transition is tonight but the previous VP of Membership won't be able to attend so we met at Starbucks Saturday morning for coffee so she could give me the skinny on my responsibilities and load my trunk with a box of info. Well, if I'm being completely honest-I had a Passion Tea Lemonade:/
After the "coffee" I had all sorts of planned stops and scratched them all after having to make a detour due to the tornado cleanup. The detour led me to the Salvation Army where I found a jackpot of things.
Sneak peek at a framed piece I scored for $3. I think Lee will get a kick out of this old school battle field. He's so lucky to not have to wear a white wig under his helmet;)
I'll show you the full Monty mantle when styling is complete.

Brass Heron, Stork or Crane for 99 cents. Whatever it is-I like it.

Wooden catch all tray for $2 beans:

Obsessed with this vintage lamp I grabbed for $9! It's huge and lovely. I'm debating whether I want to makeover the lamp with a fun fabric or spray the base a fun color. I kinda like it as is. The base has a cool wood and brass finish.

After I loaded up my car, I headed over to the greenhouse I visited LAST WEEKEND. It was just around the corner and I couldn't resist. I didn't see chickens this wknd but there were bunnies hopping everywhere. Love that place.

Later that afternoon I met up with my favorite redhead for a movie. Kristin and I saw The Lucky One. I thought it was really good. Despite what the reviews are reading-I loved it and Zac Efron isn't bad to look at either! It's a sweet love story and a great feel good movie.

I swung by the house after the movie to grab the fur baby. We headed to Jacob and Taylor's for a cookout. Gosh. Taylor is the cook. Seriously. It's a must to wear stretchy pants when you go over there because everything she cooks is drool worthy. It was about midnight around the fire pit before anyone started to even think about going home.

Grocery day. Bleh.
I stopped by TJ's on my way to get groceries and found a venetian beauty to set on my new VANITY. The top compartment holds all my eye shadows. The bottom is to be determined. Right now it holds about 20 eyeliners.

That evening I booked a hotel in NYC for our upcoming trip. I also bought tickets to see Broadway musical productions of Chicago and Wicked. AND booked a reservation at a special place on our last night in the city at The River Cafe. It has the most beautiful view (that I've seen anyway) of NYC from under the Brooklyn Bridge. My aunt and UNCLE treated me to dinner there in college when I got to accompany them and my cousin for Thanksgiving in NY. I'm really excited to take Lee there and romance his pants off. Ha! I guess literally and figuratively!

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