Monday, April 23, 2012

pelmet box - part 2

-3 foam core boards( I only used 2 but bought 3 just in case. The 3rd helped to trace straight lines before cutting my pieces.)
-staple gun (Power Shot ~$20)
-staples (1/4 inch)
-box cutter
-duck tape
-wall hangers
-glue gun

Determine your length and depth. I traced my lines to cut instead of eyeballing the measurement from the measuring tape. You should have 3 pieces for each window with 2 being the exact same measurements.

Grab your duct tape and get to work making your 90 degree angles. Doesn't have to be pretty because no one will see it!

I did 2 layers of batting to give extra thickness and then wrapped my fabric over the batting.
Staple your "hospital corners" first and then fold over everything else AND pull tight.

I hot glued the back of a wall hanger to each side of the box and simply hung the boxes with a small nail since the whole thing is incredibly light.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to leave my finished product as is or add piping, ribbon or some sort of embellishment.
I know I need to add moulding to the window's side in the master bathroom and a shade in the guest bathroom. Baby steps people!

It was really quite easy. I followed Jenny's tutorial from LGN to a T. Please do this very easy DIY pelmet box aka cornice board and show me your finished product. Let me know if you have any questions!!! xoxo

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