Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend deets

Kristie and I saw Mirror Mirror on Friday. It was cute but isn't every Disney movie?

Man. THIS Craigslist find was a bust. Boo hiss. Our good sweet friends, Nick and Kristie, picked me up Saturday morning to go get it. It was entirely different than how it was described in the listing. The angle of the picture totally left me thinking the listing was exactly what I was wanting for the living room.  It most certainly was not so I turned on my heel and our buddies took me back home. It was so tiny! Oy.

I attended my hair appointment at noon and then went to pick up my other Craigslist find that I did not tell you about. Sorry. It was the end of business Friday when I made contact with the owner of my new makeup vanity! Cost me 40 bones.

I like to do my makeup and hair sitting down. This brass beauty is much prettier than doing my makeup on the floor of my closet in front of the mirror on the back of my closet door!
After I sanitized it all over, I bought some fur like fabric on Sunday and made the seat cushion prettier. I really wanted a shaggy sheep type fabric but this will do for now.

I'm looking for ways to style the actual vanity and organize all my goods now. I found a cute bowl for my pins at TJ's for $2.99. (These are all pins I found in random drawers throughout our house.)

And a I think it's a candle holder but I'm using this crystal skull to hold my makeup brushes. Gorgeous in person.

I'm looking for just the right something to go on the lower 2nd shelf to house lots of goods in a neatO way.

Lee and I church-Skyped again on Sunday. We get online to Skype and then pull up the same sermon to watch together. It's one way we stay grounded together.

I'm really excited to see April 2nd. One month from today, Lee graduates from his training and heads home for a wee bit. AGH! So excited!


Charlie and Stacy said...

Man, I thought that coffee table was going to be amazing!

Erin said...

Me too:(
Let me know if you see anything else with potential!