Monday, April 30, 2012

weekend deets

Good Morning!

This weekend was a busy one. I had dinner with Taylor at a new place where everything they serve is locally grown. The experience was under par but the girly fellowship was much needed.
I didn't get nearly as much done this weekend as I wanted to do. I really wanted to clean the bathrooms, dust etc before Lee gets home but I have 3 more days...Ha!
I had a hair appointment, got a mani/pedi, ran a marathon, did a grocery run, did some thrifting, stopped by the mall, and got us a room at the hotel for the upcoming photo shoot!

Do you know how incredibly awkward it is to  request a room for a photo shoot?! Any mention of prorating a room just sounds naughty. Anyway...I wanted it for free! I reiterated deployment and complimented their lighting. AND it worked. I left our very legit photographer's name next to mine too. So excited. I picked up some RL hot pink socks from Dillard's for Lee to wear in the shoot too. Are you curious about my plans for the shoot yet? (While there, I also got him a purple pocket square for our NYC trip if you need to know...)

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon (April 19, 1995 OKC Bombing)
The run! No, I didn't run an entire marathon but this morning it feels like I did. I haven't been training because I was only planning on doing a 5K and that's just a little farther than I run with Cooper. Easy peasy, right?! Wrong.

I did a relay and my leg to run was a 5K. I parked at the end and a coworker that was running the same leg but on another team agreed to park at the beginning so we wouldn't have to walk back, etc.
I'm not too familiar with the area we were to start and on top of that I have no sense of direction without my GPS so I trusted my coworker knew where he was going. Wrong again.
We parked way farther than we should have. This was realized while we were walking alongside other runners in the direction of what we thought our start would be, I heard my name being yelled really loud. It was Brian-the person I was to exchange at my starting line! Out of reflex, I started running so fast to get to the finish thinking, "Surely the exchange is just around the corner". Wrong. Brian yelled for me to stop and slow down because I had another 3.5 miles to go on his leg before starting my own leg!!! Holy moly.
I finished Brian's leg shortly after he did and just kept going.
I went through so many phases during my run. I went from mad from not taking control over the parking situation. (I like to be in control.) To, "O man I should have stretched...and p'd". To, "Hey this isn't too bad". To "Where the heck is the finish line?" To "I need carbs". To "Praise the Lord I see my exchange buddy at the finish line!!!"
All the while victims' families, survivors and volunteers yelled your name to cheer you on your way to the finish. It was incredible and I want to do it again.

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