Thursday, April 19, 2012

tickled pink

We got our nephew's high school graduation invitation in the mail last night. I'm excited for this event and even more so that Lee will be home to see him graduate. Kristian admires Lee a lot so I know it will mean the world to him to see Lee there.

FedEx tracking says that THIS rug is on the truck to be delivered today!!!

My buddies (Mal & Caroline) and I are starting a new trilogy to read together. We hear it's kinda naughty but apparently it's pretty good because A) It's making HEADLINES and B) They are zooming through it and I haven't even started it yet!

I found fabric for my PELMET BOXES. I have just enough of the fabric used on my master bedroom drapes to use in the master bathroom and I bought some black and white fabric at Joann last night for the guest bathroom. What pattern? Gingham. You know I love it...

I fixed it! Lee sang his praise to me last night and it felt so good.
The dumb guest bathroom toilet was running and running and would not stop! I jingled the little devil to pieces and it wouldn't stop running. In despair, I called Dad (Lee was still in class) but he didn't answer. I turned to the internet and Google doctored my toilet. Long story a little bit shorter, my rubber stopper is deteriorating. Both toilets are probably the originals installed when our house was built. We've been talking about replacing them...Back to the story-I plugged the drain real good, watched the tank fill back up with water and the toilet stopped running. YAY! Happy dance. Dad called me back when he left the gym and said I just need to take the stopper to Lowe's and they will find me a replacement. Nah. I just won't use that toilet until Lee gets home and then he can replace both toilets in the house...Just in case they both go kaput while he's gone for a year! And that's how I do.

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