Wednesday, April 25, 2012

some days

I swear. Some days I'm just bleh thinking about deployment.
My heart hurts so much thinking about it. I get to pondering "what if" thoughts and "what will that day or that day be like when he's not home" questions, etc.
I know these lay-your-heart-out-on-the-table posts are becoming few and far between...I think it's because I'm doing my best to live in denial. But soon and I'm almost 100% sure you'll be hearing more Army related crap.
I guess I got all stirred up after reading something about how disappointed a military couple was that a deployment had been canceled. Crazy say what?!
Their reasoning was because they needed a break from one another and the extra money would help them financially. OK...a break? It's called a vacation, Crazy! Not: Risk your life so I can get away from you! OMG. Go stay with your mama.
The money part I can almost see if your a military careerist. But for me? Me that has a Soldier simply fulfilling his patriotic pull? I would MUCH rather yell at him over the grocery bill in person. Maybe I'm still learning...but I'm still calling her crazy.

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