Friday, April 9, 2010

5 O'Clock Somewhere

I'm not much of a coffee person unless it is crazy cold outside. Even then, I prefer sugar free iced vanilla coffee! I really like cold things. Maybe because I'm a gulper and gulping hot things isn't an easy task. Hubby isn't a fan of sharing a drink with me when we're on the road because he is a sipper and I am a gulper.
Anyway, my newest crave is found in a ginormous can; Monster's lo-carb energy drink. What helps you make through the day????


Mogyver said...

ew! what does this taste like? I've never liked Monster Energy drinks. I can barely gulp down the 5 hr energy drinks. I prefer coffee. or 5 hr energy.

I'm also a gulper, no sipper. That's why I get drunk so fast...

Erin said...

Mo, it is good! This is the only Monster drink that I like. I haven't tried the 5 hr energy drinks. I think I'll stick to my blue Monster:)