Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Run to Remember

This month in Oklahoma we remember those killed, survived and changed forever on April 19, 1995. This was a day of loss but also a day that our state came together to help those in need. To learn more, please visit Oklahoma City’s Memorial website. Each year Oklahoma City hosts the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon to come together again and remember.
Originally, I had set out to run the marathon this year. I even got my friend Taylor excited about this run. She began her routine and scheduled training around her law school schedule. While I started out bound and determined, I failed miserably with my training for this event. The run was held last weekend and Taylor finished her first 1/2 marathon. We're so proud of her and hope to run with her next year.
Scanning paper doesn't help the picture's quality but I couldn't resist. Tay's face as she crosses the finish line is priceless.
Taylor and me enjoying a Fiat tour the week of her wedding in Italy, August 2009. Good friends encouraging each other to do good things.

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