Friday, April 23, 2010

Geek Out Moments

I truly geek out for designing reality shows. Design Star, Top Design, 9 By Design and my absolute favorite; Project Runway keep me glued to my DVR. Project Runway's season finale was last night and it was dramatic! I could not be happier with the results. Although Seth Aaron's looks weren't all wearable in my personal closet, he definitely deserved this win for his wow experience he gave us as each of his models walked the runway. Seth Aaron remained professional throughout the competition and I loved his humble attitude when he won. I did enjoy Mila and Emilio's collection but not nearly as much as Seth Aaron's collection. Mila's was well constructed but expected and Emilio's was wearable but safe. Still, I can't wait to see what they all will do next!
Seth Aaron's model, Kristina, rocked this look. I would wear this in an instant by losing the gloves and leggings, adding a pair of simple black pumps and sporting a pony tail.
The Reunion "After" Show seemed more like a whiny baby festival. Although, Ping’s tears and Emilio’s diva attitude were nothing compared to Jay’s evilness. I was extremely shocked by Jay's petty comment towards model Cerri, after discussing her personal opinions of his designs. I gasped and my jaw dropped to the ground. I think Cooper even looked disgusted by Jay's reaction when he told Cerri he'd never hire a model with bad teeth and thick legs. Seems someone was never taught to be classy not trashy. His Project Runway role will forever be smudged by his immaturity and vile comment he made on national television. If he can't handle a bad critique than he sure as heck wouldn't be able to handle being a celebrity designer anyway.

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