Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leak is Fixed

Lee and I have been updating our appliances one by one. The dishwasher was on the list but seeing how it is birthday season in both of our families, we thought we would hold off buying a gift for ourselves. Well...sooner came rather than later. We noticed a big wet spot in the carpet of our dining room the other night. Turns out that our dishwasher's pump was worn thin and needing to be replaced.

I'm sure dad felt lucky to be in town when we noticed the leak! In this picture Dad, Cooper and Lee are trying to find the source of the leak. We were hoping only a hose needed to be tightened. Wrong.

Delivered yesterday, this is the newest addition to our family.


Mogyver said...

love it!

Tammi said...


We have the exact same dishwasher. Ha!