Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are you there Sunshine? It's me, Erin

It rained all weekend but the rain didn't prevent a whirlwind of events from occurring. Lee had another drill weekend. He came home hungry and full of OCS (Officer Candidate School) updates. I, on the other hand, hosted a successful bridal shower for my friend, Kimberly.
Monogrammed "B" and zebra printed tissues and "Something Blue" cupcakes for guests. The color blue inspired our invitations and our shower location.
Lee returned home Sunday shortly after the shower concluded. We packed and headed North to attend Tommy's funeral the following day. The rain did force me to put off painting our front door. I was afraid the paint would dry with that tacky texture from all the humidity but I did buy the paint! Until sunshine greets us, the paint sits in our garage.

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